Ask Fanshawe to Come Downtown Anyway

Tonight was another frustrating night for those of us who believe in building partnerships with community institutions that help our city to grow and attract talent. Many of our City Councillors did not represent us well by voting against a deal that would have proven that London was serious about wanting to develop a vibrant downtown. Fanshawe College has been a strong economic development partner in the revitalization of London's downtown. Let's persuade Fanshawe that the goodwill and support from Londoners will give them with as much value as the 10 million dollars that City Council chose not to find. 


Sign below to ask Fanshawe College to move downtown anyway and to implement its full downtown plan regardless of what City Council decides.  

I will personally ensure that Fanshawe receives your feedback and hope that many of my fellow candidates will join me in delivering your thoughts. 

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  • Yet another example of how the City of London blunders its way through development projects and goals that are good for the city. Unbelievable!
  • Council should have seen this an investment in bringing people downtown – which is hard to do and of which the City itself is the biggest beneficiary of the investment.
  • Fanshawe is essential to the downtown’s success!
  • Sign the petition: Ask Fanshawe to Come Downtown Anyway
  • Sign the petition: Ask Fanshawe to Come Downtown Anyway
  • Keep up the great work, Amir.
  • Sign the petition: Ask Fanshawe to Come Downtown Anyway
  • Sign the petition: Ask Fanshawe to Come Downtown Anyway
  • Making people want to come into the Core is difficult to accomplish. You have to make an investment to give them a reason. The JLC was one such vision. We have the opportunity again with Fanshawe. Don’t lose it.
  • I don’t think most of the city councillors understand how bringing Fanshawe downtown into the Kingsmill’s building is beneficial to ALL Londoners, particularly those that say they would rather see that money go to “snow removal” etc. Clearly, spin off businesses that cater to students and increased foot traffic will enhance the tax assessments downtown and make London a more viable city for all of us. It’s time that Council is willing to prove that our City is ready to invest in itself and it’s future.